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Accountancy company Management Profit Varna City

Profit Management Ltd. is a specialized accounting company, founded in 2007, offering accounting services of high quality. Over the years, the accounting firm has developed and proven to be correct and loyal to the customers of different fields and market share. Our goal is to offer quality service to our customers and to develop long-term partnerships from the outset of their business. Accoutancy company “Management Profit ” provides high quality accounting services, tax and insurance advice and a plenty of information in Bulgarian and foreign corporate clients and natural persons, helping and participating in the development of their successful business. Our professionalism combines outstanding knowledge of accounting standards and time proven successful work with clients. Our services can be summarized in the following areas:

Preparation of individual accounts

Preparation of individual accounts

Organizing form of accounting, according to the companys economic activity

Organizing form of accounting, according to the company’s economic activity

Chronological accounting of business transactions

Chronological accounting of business transactions

Reporting individual analytical accounting

Reporting individual analytical accounting

Choose the right accountant!

Experts from accounting firm Profit Management Ltd. are always there in need of help. So if you need accounting, financial or legal services, do not hesitate and contact us. Accounting services is an important process for any enterprise. Choose your partner properly.

Prices for the registration of companies

Registration of SP – 20lv

Registration of SP – 20lv.

Registration of LLC – 50lv

Registration of LLC – 50lv.

Registration of SLLC – 50lv

Registration of SLLC – 50lv.

Registration of CuOC – 20lv

Registration of CuOC – 20lv.

Accountancy services by Management Profit Varna City

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