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Accountancy company Management Profit Varna City

Profit Management Ltd. is a specialized accounting company, founded in 2007, offering accounting services of high quality. Over the years, the accounting firm has developed and proven to be correct and loyal to the customers of different fields and market share. Our goal is to offer quality service to our customers and to develop long-term partnerships from the outset of their business. Accoutancy company “Management Profit ” provides high quality accounting services, tax and insurance advice and a plenty of information in Bulgarian and foreign corporate clients and natural persons, helping and participating in the development of their successful business. Our professionalism combines outstanding knowledge of accounting standards and time proven successful work with clients. Our services can be summarized in the following areas:

Preparation of individual accounts

Preparation of individual accounts

Organizing form of accounting, according to the companys economic activity

Organizing form of accounting, according to the company’s economic activity

Chronological accounting of business transactions

Chronological accounting of business transactions

Reporting individual analytical accounting

Reporting individual analytical accounting


Choose the right accountant!

Experts from accounting firm Profit Management Ltd. are always there in need of help. So if you need accounting, financial or legal services, do not hesitate and contact us. Accounting services is an important process for any enterprise. Choose your partner properly.

Prices for the registration of companies

Registration of SP – 20lv

Registration of SP – 20lv.

Registration of LLC – 50lv

Registration of LLC – 50lv.

Registration of SLLC – 50lv

Registration of SLLC – 50lv.

Registration of CuOC – 20lv

Registration of CuOC – 20lv.


What distinguishes us from our competitors?


Management Profit is one of the leading accounting offices in Varna. We combine in our experience the experience and energy of our specialists. In this way, each client receives individual service and professional attention. Our high standards of service and our highly skilled staff ensure our exceptional performance in every situation. Our employees are ready to help you understand in more detail how to optimize your business processes and increase the efficiency of your business. They will give you ideas on how to keep track of cash flows and how to determine your future priorities. Be sure our team has a lot to do and offer you changes to increase your profits.


We speak your language and understand what you need! First of all, we listen to you to understand what your business is doing and what you are aiming for. And then we advise and do our best to go along the road to success. Our services are ideal for owners who want to develop. Whether you are looking for better financial or accounting services, we are at odds. We are convinced of our abilities and we are sure that we are the right partner for you!


Through our hard work, we have succeeded in gaining the trust of the bisexual and financial communities. We are responsive to our work, committed to our clients and able to react quickly. By trusting us, you will receive complete advice, correct and professional attitude. Our collaborators will promptly inform you of potential problems that might arise and how to build a successful business strategy.


For us, customers are not people we work hard for, regardless of the size of their business. If you choose to work with us, we will offer you stability, security and attention. Because it is important for us to learn everything about you and your business. Our primary goal is to help you grow and reward your business strategy. That’s why we’re flexible and we’ll keep track of how your needs change to get together to the next level.


Our primary goal is to help our clients and be their most faithful and trusted advisor. We strive to constantly develop and improve our knowledge so that we can provide our customers with the best of our own. We offer high-quality accounting and legal services, Payroll and Audit. Regardless of the size of your business, we are always available to give you the right advice and help you make informed financial decisions.

Choose your partner correctly!

Accountancy services by Management Profit Varna City

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