Services concerning Labour and remuneration – by Management Profit accountancy company

Specialized accounting enterprise Management Profit Ltd. provides all services related to labour and remuneration:

–  Preparation of labour contracts and civil contracts,contract for management and control;
–  Preparation of additional agreements concerning concluded labour contracts;
–  Preparation of documents related to the termination of employment contracts;
–  Preparation of all documents for the employment of personnel files;
–  Intermediation in concluding contracts with the Occupational Health;
–  Preparation of certificates for the personnel- PM 2 and PM 3;
–  Completion of employment record books;
–  Completion and certification of insurance books;
–  Preparation of pay-roll sheets and and salary slips;
–  Preparation of payment papers for insurance contributions in due course and tax on the income of natural persons;
–  Preparation and presentation before the National Revenue Agency of papers related to patient’s chart;
–  Support of hospital sheets journal;
–  Preparation of papers certifying employee income;
–  Preparation of papers related to ocurred non-labor relationships;
–  Preparation and submission of Declaration 1 and Declaration 6 for staff and self-employed persons;
–  Preparation of revenue principles;
–  Preparation of Internal Working Regulations;
–  Completion of Attendance forms for staff;
–  Advice on social security and labour laws;
–  Representation before the NRA, NSSI and the Labour Inspectorate with regard to verifications and audits;
–  Preparation of orders regarding paid and unpaid holidays;
–  Preparation of inquires about personnel’s due and used holidays;

Accountant Varna

Our customers are given the option to use our electronic certificates for submitting documents to the NRA online- Declaration 1, Declaration 6 ,Notifications under the Labour Code, and reports to NSI. In addition to these services, accountancy company”Management profit” provides a full range of accountancy services.